About Us

About Us

Hello, everyone! I am Victor Obinabor founder of Mysterydiari.com. First of all thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you all like my content as well.

I have a lot things am passionate about like technology, sports and more but the one that fascinates me more is Mystery, Mysterious things, events, entities solved and unsolved anything that can't be explained in a plain, simple theory of life. The same passion took me to start this blog.

About Mysterydiari
Mysterydiari is an information blog that summarizes and gives more detailed insights about mysterious events around the globe both the ones with their reasons explained or still a mystery to the open society. Most of us love a good mysterious story but these stories are often lengthy and tends to get boring at times, majority of us don't like reading long, boring articles like me. So i created this blog to help people like get what they want. If you have any suggestion, stories or anything you want me to look into, investigate and summarize on this blog. You can contact us through my email address or through our Contact Us page.
Stay updated and Stay tuned!


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