Where Is The Confederate Gold?

 The Confederate Gold
Illustration For The Confederate Gold

Most treasure hunters and archaeologists has made fortunes out of their discoveries. Some of them sell the artifacts and information they find to the highest bidder, not every archaeologist do this but for treasure hunters, its their main source of income. They do research on some legends with lost treasures linked to them, gear up and start their journey to find them like the lost Confederate treasures, millions of dollars worth of gold unaccounted for after the world war.

In 1865, just as the American Civil War was coming to an end and the Union Army were making their way to victory by invading New Orleans. The confederate golds was moved by the Confederate secretary George Trenholm to a secure location in Columbus, Georgia. The gold was temporarily stored at the Iron bank by William H. Young. On October, 1862 General P.G.T Beauregard was ordered to take back the golds which William refused but was later forced to release, after that what became of the golds is still a mystery. George Trenholm was later arrested and accused of making off with the Confederate treasures, however this story was the most popular and well believed way about of the confederate golds.

Confederate treasury
A Presumed Map To the Confederate Treasury

Another story is that George Trenholm liquidated some of the treasury and the remaining ones in silver, gold and valuable jewels which President Jefferson Davis and his men took with them before they left Virginia and was later captured but all of the treasures were long gone remaining only a few bank notes. Speculations about the treasures is that it was shared among plantation owners for when the South will rise again, another was that it was given to a secret society called The Knights of Golden Circle to finance a second World war (hilarious!!) while some treasure hunters believes it was buried in Danville, Virginia where it still resides till today waiting for them to dig it out either way the actual fate of the treasures is still unknown. If you guys have another plausible version of the story, I would really love to hear it in the comments section.


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