The Winchester Mystery Mansion

The Winchester  Mansion
The Winchester Mansion

As most of us mystery lovers always love to find intriguing mysteries and investigating them to find clues or solutions, at times even if we can't figure out their missing piece we try to make logical plausible explanations to them but most times some mystery events just don't have any plausible or even any theoretical facts that fits them. Here's one of them.

Shortly after her husband's death in 1881,
Sarah Lockwood Winchester lived alone in their eight-room farmhouse in San Jose. Which was perfectly normal. What wasn’t normal, however, is that the widow of the Gun king William Wirt Winchester insisted on continuous construction that eventually saw the modest house converted to a massive mansion with 160 rooms. The strangest part about the building was the multiple doors and stairwells that led to nowhere but plain walls.

Being regarded as an occultist once, so many theories came up as to the reason why Sarah decided to continually destroy and rebuild most of the house. Here are plausible reasons to it,

Reasons to the Mystery... 

1. Sarah Winchester wanted to relive the happy moments she had with her husband while their Connecticut home was still on construction.

2. She was feeling lonely and couldn't bear to be left alone any longer in the massive house so she made up the plan so the workers would continuously work and even get paid

3. Here's the most terrifying one of them, its said that Sarah met a Medium in order to contact her late husband then the medium told her that she had to pay penance for all the dead restless souls of the people the Winchester Rifle killed. So she decided to do that by building enough rooms for all the souls.

Sarah Lockwood Winchester
Sarah Lockwood Winchester

However, Sarah Winchester died of Heart failure in 1922 and the exact reasons why  she added those extra rooms and continuously built one house till her death is still Unknown till this day.
What do you make of this people?


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