The Peruvian Skull

Sample Of A Peruvian Skull

Mysteries are sometimes a wonder and at times a horror freak show but there is always something about mysteries that always fascinates mystery lovers like you and i... it's the suspense, the intriguing moment when you finally get the answers or facts behind a particular mystery event and be like  "Hey! It was right in front of me the whole time" and so today am going to be talking about a mysterious discovery by archaeologists that I would really love to dive into which is The Peruvian skulls found in Florida.
January 2012, during an excavation for a South Florida swimming pool by a plumber revealed two hideous looking skulls in the backyard which sparked questions of intrigue and murder but now researchers say that the origin of these bones are even more of a mystery than they initially thought. The two skulls was that of an Old man and a 10-year-old, which still had skin tissues on it after police investigations it was concluded that it wasn't just a normal murder crime or wasn't even a murder crime at all. According to Medical Researcher, Jan Garavaglia she said the bones had a feature of 'Inca bones' a telltale sign of a human from the Incan culture of Peru.
Research made out that the bones had a lengthier history of 30 years or more since it was found in Florida but examinations by the Medical Examiner's office revealed that the bones were at least hundreds of years old judging by the mummified pieces of skin on the skulls. Jan Garavaglia said that the florida yard was obviously a secondary burial site.
With the help of some Archaeologists and Anthropologists from the University of Central Florida and Yale who tried to trace the origins of the skulls identified some cloth items found with the bones as that of primitive slings and purses made of woven materials and non-human hair even shards of pottery and textiles and shards of newspaper dating back to 1978
What researchers cannot figure out and Garavaglia says they probably will not be able to figure out is how the skulls ended up in Florida.

The mystery is how they ended up there in the first place and we don't have any way of finding out. She said

Facts Behind The Mystery... You say? 
Dating back to 1030s and 1920s tourists on vacations may have bought them before laws regulated the trades of such artifacts but its no longer allowed. Another plausible reason, is that migrant workers from Peru may have brought them as a connection to their ancient heritage and decided to have moved on then they buried it, either way it's still very unclear if it was a murder back then, how bones dating back to 800 years ago had items of the early 90s buried with it and most importantly, how it ended up in a Floridian home back yard. Although this blog is aimed at finding out facts and details behind mystery events,  The Peruvian Skulls still doesn't have a confirmed reason or how they ended up where they did and why so it's still a mystery but I would really love to hear your thoughts on this or if you maybe know anything that I don't and didn't read down here, kindly let me know in the comments sections.  I will keep investigating.


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