Araras. The Brazilian Village Of Vampires?

Location and an XP patients

We all live in a world where almost everything is possible now, most of us don't even get surprised or frightened at most unusual things anymore because we see it often or even everyday. But though we don't put much interest in them, there are still facts and questions about them that leaves us scratching our heads whenever we think about them and have us asking questions like "Does this place actually exist? How does it survive such harsh life or environment? 

So today i will be telling you more about a Brazilian village called Araras (i call it the vampire village) why? Because they don't like Sun light, most of them though. Brazil known for its sun-loving, beach party people lifestyle the people of Araras can't survive the Ultraviolet rays of the Sun because their skin melts away whenever it comes in contact with sunlight, yeap you didn't misread that, their skin literally starts flopping off in contact with sunlight.

Village of vampires
Araras map

The main reason of this skin degeneration is that, at an incidence rate of 1 in 40 there are people who develop a skin disease known as Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) (as compared to 1 in 1 million in the US), Araras has 20 out of 800 residents who have XP, making it the largest population of XP sufferers in the world at a statistically improbable rate.

According to experts who looked into these unusual bred of humans, the high increase of this disease was primarily caused by the first citizens or settling families who initially possessed this defective gene. Then intermarried and multiplied thereby spreading the disease too.

  • The sad part of this story is that Araras village is an Agricultural community with most of them surviving solely on agriculture, half and quarter of the population unable to perform any farming activities because of their skin blisters, boils, tumors due to sun light they have been low farming productions causing starvation. So, many of them have been forced to find other means of survival, What A Harsh Life!


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