Moai Statues
The Moai Statues Of Easter Island

Just as we are vaguely familiar with some of the mysteries of the world, as popular as they may be there are still unanswered
questions about their origins or the purpose why they were created. The moai statues in Easter island are one of the most popular wonders on earth but there are some facts about them which people still can't wrap their heads around.

Easter 1722, Dutch explorers discovered a very remote island called Rapa Nui while they were searching for a hypothetical land, Terra Australis but found Easter island instead. Rapa Nui was renamed Easter Island by the explorers because of the day it was discovered, they were surprised to find at least 2000 to 3000 people inhabiting the island because it was isolated from any other inhabited land about 1,200 miles from the nearest inhabited area and 2,300 miles from the coast of Chile. The most interesting thing about Easter island are the Moai statues, these statues (887 of them, Wow! ) are so massive weighing up to 75 tons and about 40 feet(12 meters) tall. The statues had a red soft stone shaped like a hat called Pukao . Another interesting thing about these statues is how they were transported, from research the people of Rapa Nui used hand built sleds, rollers and ropes to move these huge statues around but attempts to recreate these methods resulted in damaging the statues but according to Hunt and Lipo's book "The Statues That Walked" provided more concrete evidence that the statues were moved vertically.

Radiocarbon analysis indicates that the island was first inhabited around A.D 1200 by the Polynesians who voyaged to the east Pacific which according to legends were led by a chief Hotu Matu'a, their main place of origin is still unknown. According to ancient stories, the moai statues walked from the creation place to their platforms called Ahu. The statues was built ringing the whole island and had all the statues facing inwards the island which also led to the belief that the moai was created to honor deities and the people of Rapa Nui, the construction of the moai statues stopped around the time the European explorers discovered the island, the reason why they stopped is still unclear but stories were that the people of Easter island were infected by a disease contacted from the explorers. Weird!

Wider View Of The Statues

Today, the Moai statues has grown very popular amongst historians and many other statues has been erected on their initial ahu base but its main purpose and why its construction was ceased is still a mystery. Let me know your thoughts on this incredible artifacts.

Oak Island
The Oak Island Pit

Still on the archaeological aspects of mystery. As the saying goes there's nothing hidden under the sun or with time we shall know the truth but most times, Time itself doesn't always shed light on some certain things that happen around us. They just remain unexplained forever. So here i'll be talking about a mystery location that was the main target for treasure hunters, still is for some but majority of them gave up as they were convinced that there was nothing there or that whatever treasure was buried there, its now long gone.

Oak island map
Oak Island

Coast of Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada. Many treasure Hunter and archaeologists travel from far and wide to visit Oak Island formally known as Smith's island, a name it got from one of the early settlers, Edward Smith. Oak Island is famous because of its mystery money pit, a formation of nolan's cross, triangle shaped swamp and the beach at smith's cove. The money pit has been an area of interest for a lot of people according to researches, excavation and investigation on the area started as early as 1850. From Analysis, the construction of the money pit was around 1795 and after almost two centuries of excavation no treasure was found only fascinating mechanisms, wooden platforms, multiple underground canals with leads to water. According to the story told by the locals, earlier excavation of the area at about 90 foot below there was a stone tablet which was inscribed with words "forty feet below, two million pounds lies beneath" but if something like that existed in the pit it means that there was some sort of riches there but then again, early excavators might have grabbed it all.

The money pit is still been repeatedly excavated in search for riches in abundant. Even former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt once joined few Harvard graduates in excavating the area. Critics argue that there are no treasure buried down there, saying the pit was a natural occurrence, there may not be any treasure in the pit but from the looks of it that pit definitely didn't occur naturally. So, till today people still don't know any facts about its creation or its real purpose. Do you really think it was actually created for storing treasures or something else entirely? Let me know in the comments section.
The Mystery Stone
The Mystery Stone

Mysteries: another archaeological aspect of it though. I don't know why this particular unusual item reminds me of the historic Stonehenge.

Anyways, 1872 while construction for a fence post was going on at lake winnipesaukee, New hempshire. Seneca ladd, a Meredith businessman discovered the out-of-place Artifact(OOPart), although the artifact was actually discovered by the workers he hired but he was given the credits for discovering it. A mysterious black stone of about 4 inches (100 mm) long and 2.5 inches (64 mm) thick, dark and egg-shaped, with some symbols carved around it. The stone's purpose, age or origin is still unknown. It was described as remarkable and a wonder of the scientific world. Nothing similar has ever been found anywhere in the United States to this day. It’s known as the “Mystery Stone.”

In 1892, upon Ladd's death, the stone was passed to Frances Ladd Coe of Center Harbor, one of his daughters. In 1927, she donated the stone to the New Hampshire Historical Society. The stone is currently on exhibit at the Museum of New Hampshire History. The carvings offered few clues as to the stone’s origins. The front of the egg shows a face. There’s an ear of corn on the side, a circle containing depictions of animal parts, a spiral, a crescent moon, and various patterns made of lines and dots with holes drilled into the top and bottom, In 1994, a borescope analysis of the stone's holes was performed by State archaeologist Richard Boisvert later suggested that the holes had the appearance of having been drilled by power tools from the 19th or 20th century but are too regular to have been created by pre–19th century technology, meaning the stone was crafted not long before it was discovered.

Reasons to the Mystery... You say? 
Some theory suggested that the stone "commemorates a treaty between two tribes". A writer later suggested that it is a
thunderstone, With the somewhat limited understanding of the day, the letter said that thunderstones "always present the appearance of having been machined or hand-worked: frequently they come from deep in the earth, embedded in lumps of clay, or even surrounded by solid rock or coral. The actual details of the stone’s discovery was not actually recorded and its still not clear about the exact site where it was found or how deep in the ground it lay before the discovery. The type of rock it’s made from isn’t usually found in New Hampshire. After close to 150 years of investigation, it's just clear that at some point in time someone created it for some reason or the other and it later ended up buried.
I would really love to hear your thoughts on this!
Location and an XP patients

We all live in a world where almost everything is possible now, most of us don't even get surprised or frightened at most unusual things anymore because we see it often or even everyday. But though we don't put much interest in them, there are still facts and questions about them that leaves us scratching our heads whenever we think about them and have us asking questions like "Does this place actually exist? How does it survive such harsh life or environment? 

So today i will be telling you more about a Brazilian village called Araras (i call it the vampire village) why? Because they don't like Sun light, most of them though. Brazil known for its sun-loving, beach party people lifestyle the people of Araras can't survive the Ultraviolet rays of the Sun because their skin melts away whenever it comes in contact with sunlight, yeap you didn't misread that, their skin literally starts flopping off in contact with sunlight.

Village of vampires
Araras map

The main reason of this skin degeneration is that, at an incidence rate of 1 in 40 there are people who develop a skin disease known as Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) (as compared to 1 in 1 million in the US), Araras has 20 out of 800 residents who have XP, making it the largest population of XP sufferers in the world at a statistically improbable rate.

According to experts who looked into these unusual bred of humans, the high increase of this disease was primarily caused by the first citizens or settling families who initially possessed this defective gene. Then intermarried and multiplied thereby spreading the disease too.

  • The sad part of this story is that Araras village is an Agricultural community with most of them surviving solely on agriculture, half and quarter of the population unable to perform any farming activities because of their skin blisters, boils, tumors due to sun light they have been low farming productions causing starvation. So, many of them have been forced to find other means of survival, What A Harsh Life!
 The Confederate Gold
Illustration For The Confederate Gold

Most treasure hunters and archaeologists has made fortunes out of their discoveries. Some of them sell the artifacts and information they find to the highest bidder, not every archaeologist do this but for treasure hunters, its their main source of income. They do research on some legends with lost treasures linked to them, gear up and start their journey to find them like the lost Confederate treasures, millions of dollars worth of gold unaccounted for after the world war.

In 1865, just as the American Civil War was coming to an end and the Union Army were making their way to victory by invading New Orleans. The confederate golds was moved by the Confederate secretary George Trenholm to a secure location in Columbus, Georgia. The gold was temporarily stored at the Iron bank by William H. Young. On October, 1862 General P.G.T Beauregard was ordered to take back the golds which William refused but was later forced to release, after that what became of the golds is still a mystery. George Trenholm was later arrested and accused of making off with the Confederate treasures, however this story was the most popular and well believed way about of the confederate golds.

Confederate treasury
A Presumed Map To the Confederate Treasury

Another story is that George Trenholm liquidated some of the treasury and the remaining ones in silver, gold and valuable jewels which President Jefferson Davis and his men took with them before they left Virginia and was later captured but all of the treasures were long gone remaining only a few bank notes. Speculations about the treasures is that it was shared among plantation owners for when the South will rise again, another was that it was given to a secret society called The Knights of Golden Circle to finance a second World war (hilarious!!) while some treasure hunters believes it was buried in Danville, Virginia where it still resides till today waiting for them to dig it out either way the actual fate of the treasures is still unknown. If you guys have another plausible version of the story, I would really love to hear it in the comments section.
The Winchester  Mansion
The Winchester Mansion

As most of us mystery lovers always love to find intriguing mysteries and investigating them to find clues or solutions, at times even if we can't figure out their missing piece we try to make logical plausible explanations to them but most times some mystery events just don't have any plausible or even any theoretical facts that fits them. Here's one of them.

Shortly after her husband's death in 1881,
Sarah Lockwood Winchester lived alone in their eight-room farmhouse in San Jose. Which was perfectly normal. What wasn’t normal, however, is that the widow of the Gun king William Wirt Winchester insisted on continuous construction that eventually saw the modest house converted to a massive mansion with 160 rooms. The strangest part about the building was the multiple doors and stairwells that led to nowhere but plain walls.

Being regarded as an occultist once, so many theories came up as to the reason why Sarah decided to continually destroy and rebuild most of the house. Here are plausible reasons to it,

Reasons to the Mystery... 

1. Sarah Winchester wanted to relive the happy moments she had with her husband while their Connecticut home was still on construction.

2. She was feeling lonely and couldn't bear to be left alone any longer in the massive house so she made up the plan so the workers would continuously work and even get paid

3. Here's the most terrifying one of them, its said that Sarah met a Medium in order to contact her late husband then the medium told her that she had to pay penance for all the dead restless souls of the people the Winchester Rifle killed. So she decided to do that by building enough rooms for all the souls.

Sarah Lockwood Winchester
Sarah Lockwood Winchester

However, Sarah Winchester died of Heart failure in 1922 and the exact reasons why  she added those extra rooms and continuously built one house till her death is still Unknown till this day.
What do you make of this people?
The Dancing Plague
This art by Hendrik Hondius was based on the original drawing by Pieter Bruegel, who supposedly witnessed a subsequent outbreak in 1564 in Flanders

As i said before this blog is a compilation and summary of mystery tales/events solved and unsolved. Now, as some of the unsolved events may not have any explanations to them, they might have a plausible theory as to what might have caused them. As most of my previous posts has been about archaeological discoveries i am now going to start talking about mystery events and this one is a twisted tale as it sounds like something straight out of fiction but with a plausible explanation.

It started on the summer period of July 1518 in the town Alsace, a woman Mrs Troffea began dancing wildly on the streets of Strasbourg. She danced for approximately six days and in a week 34 others joined her, within a month there were 400 more dancers in the streets of strasbourge mostly females. Physicians were called to try and find the problem but the dancing continued and worsened. Many dancers became ill, some died of exhaustion, cardiac arrest and strokes. Reports of the periods indicates that the plague killed at least fifteen people a day. Documentations, including physician notes, cathedral sermons, local and regional Archives, and even notes issued by the Strasbourg city council made it clear that the victims danced. As the dancing plague worsened, concerned nobles sought the advice of local physicians, who claimed that astrological and supernatural forces were behind the plagues instead of announcing that the plague might be the results of some natural diseases caused by Hot blood and instead of prescribing a Bloodletting, the town authorities were told to encourage the dancing so they did, by opening two guildhalls for the crazed dancers, a grain market even created a wooden stage and paid musicians to play music in order to keep the afflicted people moving all with the idea that they would recover if they continuously danced non-stop day and night

A Marathon runner could not have lasted the intense workout that these men and women did hundreds of years ago stated by Historian, John Waller.

 Reason to the Mystery?

Theoretically though, in a modern aspects this event might have been caused by
Ergotamine which is the psychoactive product of Ergot fungi (a fungi which mostly grow on grains in the wheat family like Rye) and people of the medieval era consumes a lot of grains. Ergotamine is structurally related to the recreational drug Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25), and is the substance from which LSD-25 was originally synthesized. The same fungus has also been implicated in other major historical anomalies, including the
Salem witch trials . John Waller speculates that the dancing was stress-induced psychosis on a massive level, since that region of Alsace was said to be riddled with starvation and disease, and most of the inhabitants were superstitious people. Some other cases of dancing plague were also reported in the same region during the medieval periods.
The Ghost Ship
Ourang Medan

This is another very strange, mysterious event that still leaves every mystery fanboy scratching their heads, it reminds me of the 2002 movie The Ghost Ship . With the terror expressions all over their faces, makes you wonder "Did ghosts kill the crews of The Ourang Medan?" The story of the ourang Medan turned into a legend as its whole crew death is still unexplainable till today even recorded as a shipwreck by most undocumented sources.

In June 1947, Cargo ships travelling trade routes in the strait of Malacca, off the coast of Malaysia, received a terrifying SOS message that read: “All officers including captain are dead lying in chart room and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.” After a short period of time, one final message was received, that read simply ... “I die.”
Nearby ships identified the source of the signal as coming from a Dutch freighter, the SS Ourang Medan.(translation: Man from Medan)

The nearest one to the freighter, the silver star travelled as fast as they could to the location which the signal came from. Boarding the Ourang medan, they noticed that the whole crew were dead with their bodies all over the ship's deck. While inspecting their bodies, they noticed expressions of sheer terror frozen on their faces. The Silver Star’s party found the deceased radio operator as well, his hand still on the Morse Code-sending key, and eyes wide open.

Strangest thing though, while inspecting their bodies they found no entry wound or injuries where a weapon might have entered to cause any damage. While still baffled, The silver star crew decided to tow the ship back to the port but midway they noticed smokes coming from the lower deck, they barely escape before the Ourang Medan exploded and sank deep in water.

Now to burst your Mystery-fan-fun bubbles, . Their factual accuracy and even the ship's existence , however, are unconfirmed, and details of the vessel's construction and history, if any, remain unknown. Searches for any official registration or accident investigation recorded have proven unsuccessful. But according to one story, the Ourang Medan was sailing from an unnamed small Chinese port to Costa Rica, and deliberately avoided the authorities. The survivor, an unnamed German, died after telling his story to the missionary, who told the story to the author, Silvio Scherli of Trieste , Italy. The Dutch newspaper concludes with a disclaimer:

"This is the last part of our story about the mystery of the Ourang Medan. We must repeat that we don't have any other data on this 'mystery of the sea'. Nor can we answer the many unanswered questions in the story. It may seem obvious that this is a thrilling mystery of the sea. On the other hand, the author, Silvio Scherli, assures us of the authenticity of the story." 

 But all the publications who carried the story still appears to originate with Silvio Scherzi in Trieste.

Reasons to the mystery?

1. Hazardous Cargo
Another theory is that the ship was transporting nerve gas which the Japanese military had been storing in China during the war, and which was handed over to the U.S. military at the end of the war. No U.S. ship could transport it as it would leave a paper trail. It was therefore loaded onto a non-registered ship(which might also backup the reason why its existence wasn't known) for transport to the U.S. or an island in the Pacific.

2. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Gaddis puts forward the theory that an undetected smoldering fire or malfunction in the ship's boiler system might have been responsible for the shipwreck. Escaping carbon monoxide would have caused the deaths of all aboard, with the fire slowly getting out of control, leading to the vessel's ultimate destruction

3. Paranormal Activities
The story has appeared in various magazines and books on Forteana , beginning with a 1953 article in Fate Magazine. Authors such as Jessup speculate that the crew might have been attacked by UFOs or paranormal forces prior to their deaths. Circumstantial evidence cited by these sources includes the apparent absence of a natural cause of death, the reportedly terrified expressions on the faces of the deceased, and rumors that some of the dead were "pointing" towards an unknown enemy.

Also note that this theories were gotten straight out of Wiki but i will really love to hear your theories. You can drop them in the comment section. Till next time ✌

Aramu Muru
Doorway Of Aramu Muru

 Still on the archaeological aspects of mysteries. This one here is one of my personal favorites because I've always believed in alternate worlds and would really love to travel to the other side if possible so seeing this one with all the evidence lingering all over it with the legends that goes with it always stirs up major curiosity and imaginations in me.

 Southern Peru, in the Hayu Marca Mountains about an hour drive from the City of Puno a.k.a The City of gods like most locals call it, lies the mysterious door-like structure known as The door or the Puerta de Hayu Marca (Gate of the Gods) has been, at some time in the distant past, carved out of a natural rock face and in all, measures exactly 23′ in height and width, with a smaller alcove in the center at the base which measures in at just under 6′ in height.

 According to a particular interesting legend about the gate from the Book Of Secrets of the Andes by Brother Phillip, an Incan priest of the Temple of the Seven Rays named Amaru Meru (Lord Meru, Aramu Muru) ran from his temple with a sacred golden disk known as “the key of the gods of the seven rays”, and hid it in the mountains of Hayu Marca. He eventually came upon the doorway which was being watched by some shamen priests. He showed them the key of the gods and a ritual was performed with the conclusion of a magical occurrence initiated by the golden disk which opened the portal, and according to the legend blue light did emanate from a tunnel inside. The priest Amaru Meru handed the golden disk to the shamen and then passed through the portal, was never seen again. Archeologists have observed a small hand sized circular depression on the right hand side of the small entranceway, and have theorized that this is where a small disk could be placed on the rock.

 This mysterious door has also had some cultic believers saying the door leads to some dark alternate (this somehow reminds me of Dc's Dark Night Metal) universe enveloped by Black Magic . Some locals claims it opens at 12midnight. So my question is this, did the native south Americans had some kinda Star gate for magical interstellar travel thousands of years ago? If true in any possible way with a little concrete evidence, i would be on the next plane to Peru sharperly!!
Let's discuss more in the comments section
The Remains Of The Maya Civilization

 As far as mysteries go, disappearance of things or people even civilizations is not a thing of rarity. As someone who is obsessed with mystery, disappearance of things is the most common events and today, i'll be talking about the disappearance of the entire civilization of the Maya People.

 The Maya civilization was a mesoamerican civilization developed by the Maya people, famous for their hieroglyphic script, the only known fully arranged writing system of the Pre-Columbian Americans, also their arts, mathematics, astronomical system and even calender. So it very safe to say that the Mayans were also at the pinnacle of human civilization dating back in the Preclassic period c. 2000 BC to 250 AD.

 For a very long time now, people has been baffled by this very unusual event, one of the most freakiest societal collapse of the human history. Why the maya people abandoned structures and cities they built into the yucatan peninsula in the 700s and 800s C.Es. Some said they were defeated by a rival country in a war or were all abducted by an Alien Invasion, some even went as far as to say they were all consumed by some Black magic.

Facts Behind The Disappearance... 
In the 2012, researchers in the university of Arizon state analyzed the archeological data of the Maya environments and found evidence similar to the theory first developed by historian Jared Diamond in his 2005 book 'Collapse'. The researchers found out that the Mayan people has cut down and burned so much of the forest that they altered their land's ability to absorb solar radiations which made cloud and rainfall scarce. It caused a chain reaction of natural occuring disasters such as erosion, drought, soil depletion which caused further dangers such as Agricultural failures, with less food, the people were forced to leave most of the minor and even major cities to avoid starvation and everything went down the drains.

 So, thats the story behind the Disappearance of what might have been the pinnacle of civilization when it comes to agriculture. If you have any questions regarding this particular topic or any questions check out Contact Us and get in touch with Us. Till next time!
Symbolic Egyptian spider
The Spider Art Panel

 I once said before in the Ben Sublett 's article that archaeologists and treasure hunters have some thing in common which is uncovering mysteries. Whether for riches(treasure hunt) or for historical findings (archaeologist) but all the same, their every adventures are about finding reasons behind every mysteries there is. So now let me take you into another archaeological aspects of mystery.

 Since ancient times spiders has been a symbol of power and have always elicited a wide range of emotions in people: fear, disgust, panic, and sometimes curiosity. This broad spectrum of impressions has influenced origin, myths, legends, art, literature, music, architecture, and technology throughout history. In 2013, Archaeologists in Egypt discovered a stone tablets engraved with what may be the earliest description of spiders known to man. The panel is likely around 6,000 years old, making it older than the Ancient Egyptian Civilization .

 The suggestion that the drawings are spiders is tentative but reasonable. The carved ovals with four thin, bent legs sticking out of each side look very much like a stick spider picture or figure. A star-like shape may be a web, and comb-like rows of lines could be a web funnel.

Facts And Details... 
 According to famous author and proponent of alternative archaeology, Dr Heather Lynn suggests that the carvings actually represents the Sirius star system. Most older star charts are known, and ancient people definitely like looking up the skies. There’s much more evidence about Egyptian astronomy than for an interest in spiders. They may also be a possibility that both are correct, or that some unfortunate souls from the Ancient B.C went through their lives believing the sky was full of Spiders, Funny!. Either way, we don't or may never even know what the actual artist who engraved those drawings on that panel actually meant, we might as well call it a pending mystery but i'd go for the art on the panel been an Egyptian astronomy representing the Sirius star system. Fact!
Baghdad battery
The Baghdad Battery In A Museum

 With good reasons i can say that archaeology has helped us have an in-depth understanding about a lot of things around us, at some point it also gives us some sort of a hint on how to improve them let's say Electricity. When we think of electricity, we recall Benjamin Franklin and his metal key-kite discovery in 1752 but what if electricity existed before the Benjamin Franklin's discovery like about 2000 years earlier, that's a very big time difference and that brings up this summary facts about the Baghdad battery.

 Discovered in Khujut Rabu, Iraq near the metropolis of Ctesiphon , the capital of the Parthian around 250 BC and 224 AD which the battery was said to be originated from but has the pottery style of the Sassanid period 224-640 AD. The artifact was a 130mm terracotta pot, in it was a cylinder made of rolled copper sheets with a single iron rod in the middle. The top of the iron rod was isolated from the cylinder by bitumen and had stoppers, the cylinder wasn't watertight so any liquid added to the pot will eventually touch the rod as well. Researchers hypothesized that this artifact was a galvanic cell used for electrotherapy or electroplating but there wasn't any electrogilded object from the time period it was built.

Baghdad battery
The Artifact's Main Components: The Terracotta Pot, Cylinder Copper sheets And An Iron Rod

 In 1938, an assistant in the National Museum of Iraq wrote a book explaining his hypothesis on how the artifact was a galvanic cell used for electroplating gold onto silver objects. His explained hypothesis was rejected by skeptics, Sad. Many other speculations from people about the artifact been a battery believed that as it wasn't watertight, grape juice and vinegar (and other natural acidic substance) was used as an acidic electrolyte solution to create an electric current due to the difference between the electrode potentials of the copper and iron electrodes.

Battery hypothesis and research proved the artifact wasn't useful as a battery because bubbles form a partial insulation of electrode due to the gas evolved in the iron, copper, electrolytes junction so the battery's efficiency decreases the more it is used and the voltage created by that combination is below 1 volt. Again, if the bitumen seal was supposed to serve as an insulator it would be very inconvenient for a galvanic cell because it's thermoplastic and require constant topping if they planned to use it for long. This artifact was initially mistaken to be another known artifact, The Seleucia vessels used for storing sacred scrolls because they looked identical. No one has fully understood this Baghdad artifact, its actual origin and purpose is still unclear . Let me hear your theories in the comment section.

Gold mine
A Descriptive Drawing Of The Trail Of Ben Sublett's Gold Mine. 

  Okay now, this mystery article is for treasure hunters if people still do that, that is but there's one common thing about archeologists and treasure hunters is that they both deal with mystery, mysterious things. And if you're into one of those occupations i just mentioned then you must have heard about Ben Sublett's mysterious mine of richies

  The unique thing about the Ben Sublett treasure is that there is credible, documented evidence from a lot of eye-witnesses that Ben Sublett did, indeed have an unknown source of Gold. The eye-witnesses were interviewed by credible authors and journalists, and extensive documentation exists that the fundamental story is, in fact true.

  Guadalupe Mountains, in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico, said to be the home to some of the richest gold mines in the world, a fact alleged by the famous Apache Geronimo Apache Geronimo. Ben Sublett, an old miner who lived during the 19th century, was supposed to have found a vein of gold, one so valuable he could mine $10,000 worth of gold in a week. Unfortunately, the only physical evidence of his secret mine is a single hole in the ground.

  Having a popular reputation for been a liar and a drunk, Sublett came into his local tavern one night, throwing down a handful of nuggets and proclaiming drinks were on him. A number of unsuccessful efforts were made to pry the secret from him, and attempts were made to follow him to his secret mine but they were met with an unfortunate end, most times shot dead by Ben Sublett himself. Even when Sublett’s young son asked him where the gold minewas located, Sublett told him to find it himself, like his father did. To this day, no one knows where the mine is located, and scientists don’t believe large gold veins are even located in the Guadalupe Mountains.

Still An Unknown Mystery. 

Clearly, no one has actually found the mystery gold mine. But from early journalists who interviewed the people of the early days documented the informations (passed down) about how Sublett lived in richies and spends a lot of money as if he plucks it from trees. Even till this day most modern hunters and archeologists very well believes the mine exists, and its just out there waiting for someone to discover it.

So you readers do you also believe the mine exists, do you have more concrete evidence you would like to share?. Let me know in the comments section. Good findings people!
Mystery Hijacker
A Composite Drawing of D.B Cooper By The FBI

  You know, in the United states today very few criminal cases go unsolved even if it takes months or years to be fully investigated there will eventually be a results but to those unsolved ones what do you think happened to them? Simple, the bureau suspends them or permanently shuts down all investigations or evidence concerning them. They turn to mysteries without reasons or solutions. In the aviation history of air piracy in the United States, only one is still unsolved till today: The hijacking of Boeing 727 by the mystery man D.b Cooper in Airspcace.

  November 24, 1971 a man bought an airline ticket for flight 305 going to Seattle using the alias Dan Cooper but was later changed to D.B Cooper because of media miscommunication. He took the seat 18c, 18e or 15d not specified as to several accounts by the passengers, neatly and smartly dressed. Shortly after take-off he handed the flight attendant Florence schaffner a note which she ignored thinking it was just a note from a lonely man seeking attention, he leaned over to the attendant and said "Miss you'd better look at that note, I have a bomb". Florence the attendant still thought he was bluffing and asked him to show her the bomb, he opened the case a little enough for her to see the bomb after that, he made three demands: $200,000 in negotiable American currency, four parachute (two primary and two reserves) and a stand-by fuel truck in Seattle ready to refuel the plane upon arrival. Florence schaffner and the passenger recall D.b cooper been calm, polite and not nervous. Some said he was nice and not nasty or cruel he even paid his drinking tab and offered to give the attendant the change.

  After arriving in Seattle for refuel, D.B Cooper was informed that his demands were ready he instructed the pilot to taxi the plane to an isolated area of the tarmac. There, the Northwest Orient's Seattle operation manager AI Lee approached the plane in street clothes so that D.B Copper won't mistake his airline uniform for a police uniform. He then gave the demanded items to another flight attendant Mucklow, through the aft stairs when the delivery was complete. D.b Cooper ordered all the passengers, schaffner and the senior flight attendant Alice to leave the plane. Before the take-off he outlined his flight plan to the crew with only five people aboard now. In flight, D.b Cooper told the remaining flight attendant Mucklow, to join the others in the cockpit as he ties something around his waist obviously the parachute after a while the crew noticed a change of air pressure indicating that the aft doors was open that was the time he jumped off in middle of a storm. That's ballsy! 

  Upon landing, the aft door was still open when pilots Scott and Rataczak landed the 727 at Reno Airport with law enforcing bureaus surrounding the plane it was obvious D.b cooper was long gone. In 1980, two packs of 100 twenty dollar bills and a third pack of 90 pieces was found by an eight years old boy Brian Ingram on a family trip with his family. It was later divided between the Ingram family
(which they auctioned fifteen of them in 2008 for $37,000) and the Northwest Orient insurer while the FBI retained fourteen as evidence.

Mystery Hijacker
D.B Cooper With His Presumed Aged Progression

Few facts... I guess? 

After few investigations, the bureau found out the suspect's alias D. Cooper was actually from a Belgian Comic books about a fictional hero Dan Cooper a royal Canadian Air force test pilot who had embarked  on so many adventures along the series even parachuting. Till today D.B Cooper's real name, his whereabouts, his background, even his actual real face apart from the descriptions by the passengers is still unknown till this day. So people what do you make of this?
Loch ness Monster
The loch Ness Monster photo taken by a surgeon in 1934 but later considered a Hoax

  Over time i've been posting about mystery locations with their unusual trademarks some of them I would really love to visit and some i wouldn't even dream of seeing talkless of visiting but altogether they are still unexplained mysteries of the world that deserves to be looked into, finding plausible theories then a good reasons for them. I don't have the right equipments to investigate these events at least not yet, soon though but for now I'll be summarizing them for you so now here's the summary detail of the mysterious Loch Ness Monster a.k.a Nessie of Loch Ness, Scotland.

  Nessie monster is a cryptids of scotland being regarded by scientists as a phenomenon without biological basis saying the sightings even with the evidences ware hoaxes, wishful thinkings or misidentification of ordinary objects. This creature was brought to world attention on May 2, 1933 by Alex Campbell a water bailiff for loch ness and also a journalist for a Courier. August 4, on the same year George Spicer published a report saying he and his wife saw something which looked like a dragon or pre-historic animal he had never seen in his life trundling along the roads towards the loch ness with animal in its mouth which was assumed to its prey.

 After few weeks the reports went viral, several days later letters started arriving to the courier some of them anonymous, claiming they saw this so called Sea Monster in water even
sightings on land. As this news continued to spread across the media it adopted the names Sea serpent, dragon then finally settled with the Loch Ness Monster. December 6, that year Hugh Gray published a photography on Daily Express, upon seeing the photo the state secretary of Scotland ordered the police not to harm the creature in any way if seen at all. The next year 1934 another evidence of this creature surfaced, a photo taken by a Surgeon.

 Many of the evidences was regarded as a hoax or misidentification after further researches by scientists and media experts. Their theories were;

Plausible Facts! 

1. Optical effects: In 1979 W. H. Lehn showed that atmospheric refraction could distort the shape and size of objects and animals and later published a photograph of a mirage of a rock on Lake Winnipeg which resembled a head and a neck.

2. Misidentification of Known Animals

3. Swimming Elephant Trunk (made a little sense if you ask me)

4. Greenland Sharks: Assuming the loch ness monster to be its dorsal fins

5. Large Eels: As unusually large ones are often seen around loch ness

6. Folklore: In 1980 Swedish naturalist and author Bengt Sjögren wrote that present beliefs in lake monsters such as the Loch Ness Monster are associated with Kelpie legends

7. Hoaxes.
As i have listed some of the theories that made the Loch Ness monster unreal or not to have existed at all, the actual truth about this creature is still unclear cause these theories doesn't even have concrete explanations to them too. So here i am, clearly interested to what you think about this creature whether it was really a hoax, pre-historic animal, beast from another dimension or really one of the theories from the researches. Let's meet in the comment section.
Sample Of A Peruvian Skull

Mysteries are sometimes a wonder and at times a horror freak show but there is always something about mysteries that always fascinates mystery lovers like you and i... it's the suspense, the intriguing moment when you finally get the answers or facts behind a particular mystery event and be like  "Hey! It was right in front of me the whole time" and so today am going to be talking about a mysterious discovery by archaeologists that I would really love to dive into which is The Peruvian skulls found in Florida.
January 2012, during an excavation for a South Florida swimming pool by a plumber revealed two hideous looking skulls in the backyard which sparked questions of intrigue and murder but now researchers say that the origin of these bones are even more of a mystery than they initially thought. The two skulls was that of an Old man and a 10-year-old, which still had skin tissues on it after police investigations it was concluded that it wasn't just a normal murder crime or wasn't even a murder crime at all. According to Medical Researcher, Jan Garavaglia she said the bones had a feature of 'Inca bones' a telltale sign of a human from the Incan culture of Peru.
Research made out that the bones had a lengthier history of 30 years or more since it was found in Florida but examinations by the Medical Examiner's office revealed that the bones were at least hundreds of years old judging by the mummified pieces of skin on the skulls. Jan Garavaglia said that the florida yard was obviously a secondary burial site.
With the help of some Archaeologists and Anthropologists from the University of Central Florida and Yale who tried to trace the origins of the skulls identified some cloth items found with the bones as that of primitive slings and purses made of woven materials and non-human hair even shards of pottery and textiles and shards of newspaper dating back to 1978
What researchers cannot figure out and Garavaglia says they probably will not be able to figure out is how the skulls ended up in Florida.

The mystery is how they ended up there in the first place and we don't have any way of finding out. She said

Facts Behind The Mystery... You say? 
Dating back to 1030s and 1920s tourists on vacations may have bought them before laws regulated the trades of such artifacts but its no longer allowed. Another plausible reason, is that migrant workers from Peru may have brought them as a connection to their ancient heritage and decided to have moved on then they buried it, either way it's still very unclear if it was a murder back then, how bones dating back to 800 years ago had items of the early 90s buried with it and most importantly, how it ended up in a Floridian home back yard. Although this blog is aimed at finding out facts and details behind mystery events,  The Peruvian Skulls still doesn't have a confirmed reason or how they ended up where they did and why so it's still a mystery but I would really love to hear your thoughts on this or if you maybe know anything that I don't and didn't read down here, kindly let me know in the comments sections.  I will keep investigating.