The Odon Pyro Ghost

Pyro ghost mystery
An illustration photo for the Pyro Ghost

As the theories to some mystery events are speculative, some on the other hand are not. Some of the mystery events happening around us are simply unexplainable , you have no way of guessing what might be the actual cause it seems as if it just pops out of nowhere, then vanishes. A typical example of this kind of mystery is the Odon pyro ghost, a very short tale.

Odon, Indiana in 1941, a farmer William Hackler left the house in the morning after a while he started seeing smoke from the same direction to his house so he hurried back, only to find a fire burning only on the bedroom walls (for real though). Strangely enough, they didn't have electricity then so what might have caused the fire. Few minutes later, the volunteer fire service came and put the fire out that's when things really started to get interesting. Few minutes after the fire fighters left, another fire started inside the mattress then another in between the covers of a book. Fires kept breaking out all over house for the whole day, according to reports approximately twenty-eight fires popped up that day in a single house and then they simply stopped.

William Hackler was so confused and frustrated by it all that he destroyed the house, whats left of it anyway and started building another one. It seemed to be the best solution for the fire outbreak because it never happened again, this unusual fire outbreak is now long forgotten as the reason why it happened was never explained till this very day. Said it was black magic, other speculations was that the house was not built in good accords, my favorite theory was that the Pyro ghost or fire ghost who oversees the burning of things was not happy with William Hackler. Dear dairy readers what do you think?


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