Tamam Shud's Mystery

Photo Of The Mystery Man Tamam Shud taken by Police
I previously wrote about an unexplainable mystery event that doesn't give one the chance to speculate it's origin because it has no evidence or anything linked to it. Which also begs one question "can this happen to a human being?" is it possible to leave absolutely no trace of who a person really is? Well, i think so because tamam shud story's is a good prove of that.

December 1,1948, Somerton beach Adelaide, South Australia around 6:30am an unidentified man was found dead. The Somerton mystery man was named Tamam Shud after a scrap of paper was found in his pocket months later into the investigations, Tamam Shud was printed on it which means "ended" or "finished" in Persian. The scrap was torn from the final page of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam written by legendary poet Omar Khayyam. After a public appeal by the police the book which the scrap paper was torn from was later found - in it was, a telephone number, indentation of handwriting, unidentified number and a text which looked like an encrypted message. The text hasn't been decrypted or translated in any way fitting the case till today. The case has been label as One of Australia's most profound mysteries. This event happened at a time of international tensions as it was the early beginnings of the Cold war, they were so many speculations surrounding the case. The involvement of encrypted messages, likely use of undetectable poison, the inability of the international authorities to identify the man has led to some theories that he might be working for an unofficial spy organization.

He was found lying across the crippled children home by two people riding a horse. Witnesses said they saw a man resembling taman shud on 30th November, another said they saw him lying there and thought he might be drunk or asleep while  another witness said he and three others saw a well dressed man carrying another man a night before the day he was found. After a search of his pocket the police saw a second-class trail ticket from Adelaide to henley beach, a bus ticket, aluminum American comb, half used packet of juicy fruit chewing gun, half full box of Bryant and May matches and kensitas cigarettes. He was neatly dressed with American made wears and wasn't wearing a hat which was unusual for a man in 1948, he was clean shaved, his clothes and luggage which was later found had all their name tags removed leaving only one with T.keane on it which still didn't match any identity around the world, the teeth didn't match any dental records of any living human being and he wasn't carrying any identifications on him which led the police to believe he might have committed suicide.

Tamam shud
The writing at the back of the book, the last text is presumed to be some kind of a Code

November 22, 1959 it was reported that the inmate of the new Zealand Wanganui prison, E.B Collins claimed that he knew the real identity of the dead man but it wasn't true. After 60 years of analysing the words found at the back of the book by different military intelligence, in 2004 a retired detective Gerry Feltus suggested to the Sunday Mail, that the final line of the words on the scrap "ITTMTSAMSTGAD" could stand for "Its Time To Move To South Australia Moseley street" which was her street. In 2014, computational linguist John Rehling  believes the letters consists of initials from an English text but couldn't match any search for it in a survey of literature and later concluded that was likely written as a shorthand not a code and that the original text might not be ever determined.

Somerton's mystery man
The gravestone of Tamam Shud

The mystery man was later buried on 14 June 1949, at West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide South Australia. The prayers was led by the Salvation Army Captain Em Webb and was attended by news reporters and police. Till this very day, his real identity, the cause of death is still unknown. Let me know what you think about this mystery man in the comment section.


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