Velikaya Kopanya Land Of The Twins

Valikaya kopanya
Some of the Twins

Just as i have been writting articles on strange sightings lately around the world i also discover more of them, more fascinating ones which needs investigating and finding plausible reasons why they are like that. As the popular saying goes 'Once is a mistake, Twice is a coincidence, Third time then there's definitely a hidden pattern or trigger. So here, lets talk about how possible it is for a certain village to have more than 50 sets of twins.

In Western Ukraine, the village of velikaya kopanya has earned the name 'Land Of Twins' because of it unbelievably record of twins about 61 and climbing sets of twins in a general population of 4000 residents. While its now a common occurrence to them as almost every family in velikaya kopanya has a pair of twins, this phenomenon is still a mystery without reasons. One of the oldest twin Maria chorba, who already has three sets of twins among her own grandchildren alone said the twin occurence wasn't recent as she and her twin sister Anna, who died in 2007 remember having twin friends then. She even said that she and her sister shared a telepathic connection sometimes to the extent of knowing when bad things happen to each other.

Land of twins
Kopanya's Mapping 

According to the local town counselor, Maryana Savka the highest twin occurence  started in 2004 when atleast two or three sets of twins are born every other year. This event has already entered the Ukraine's Recordbook now gunning for Guinness book of records. The most fascinating part is that the twin effect is not limited to humans alone but also in animals as the records of Cows giving birth to twice calves are also high.

The locals claimed this twin magic was from the village's water but Ukrainian scientists has studied the water but didn't find anything special only that it was very clean. Outsiders from around the world come to this village for the water hoping to get the magic twin gene, there was a story of a barren woman who travels 100miles to drink the water after sometimes she got pregnant and delivered twins of course. Men come from other towns to marry to also gain the twin magic. This is not the only place with high occurence of twins, a village in Southwestern Nigeria called Igbo-Ora also has this unusual gene going around its residents.


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