Erno soto
The sketch drawing of Erno Soto presumed to be the Serial killer Charlie Chopoff

From my previous post, i summarized the horrible serial killer the Zodiac Killer in which i also mentioned few other killers whose identities are still unknown to the world. The reasons why these people do the things they do is still a mystery or some might have a very sick/maniacal reason that isn't logical and not acceptable in a anyway at all. Clearly, these serial killers escaped the wrath of justice because there wasn't real advanced investigation resources like the ones of today. So, now lets talk about the story of Charlie Chopoff

Charlie chopoff was one of the worst serial killers ever, why? Because he only kills black children between the age of 8 to 9 and mutilates their genitals thats how he got the nickname Charlie chopoff. He killed five children, one survived but was badly injured. His main hunting ground was Manhattan between March 9, 1972 to May 15, 1974. His M.O was to kill the children by stabbing them 38 times all over their body then finally cutting off their penis. The records of his killings were as follows: March 9, 1972, eight-year-old Douglas Owens was found dead, stabbed 38 times and his penis mutilated. April 20, another black youth was stabbed and his genitals cut; he survived. October 23, nine-year-old Wendell Hubbard was stabbed to death and his penis severed. March 7, Luis Ortiz was stabbed 38 times and likewise mutilated. Then August 7, 1973, eight-year-old Steven Cropper was slashed with a razor and his penis still intact.

On May 15, 1974 a Puerto Rican man Erno Soto was arrested as a prime suspect after a failed attempt to abduct a Puerto Rican boy. Erno Soto who was a periodic patient at the Manhattan State Hospital since 1969. Erno's mental issues started after his separation from his wife, few years later he tried to reconcile with his wife only to find out that his wife had given birth to Black child. It was obvious that it wasn't his because he and his wife were pure Puerto Ricans. According to a source, his problem started when the child's eight birthday rolled up. He later confessed to killing the Cropper kid in 1973. The surviving boy out of the six child victims was told to confirm if he was really the killer but he said that Erno Soto looked like the real killer but refused to properly identify him. The Manhattan State Hospital also said that Erno Soto was at the hospital when the murders took place but later confirmed that he might have escaped as he usually does that.

In 1975 Barbara Gelb published a book called "On the Track of Murder. Miguel Rivera was used in place of Erno Soto after that many authors like Lane and Gregg, Peter Vronsky has mistakenly used that name as the real name for the actual killer.

Now, due to the of lack evidence bureau investigators hasn't done anything to Erno Soto and was considered unfit for a trial because of his mental problems but was still a prime suspect stating that the killings stopped after his arrest plus an anonymous source (maybe the real Charlie Chopoff) reported that he was the potential culprit for the initial murder.
Zodiac killer
A sketch of the Zodiac killer

There has been several serial killers over the years that haven't been identified like the popular Jack the Ripper (most fascinating), Atlanta Ripper, Boston Strangler and Charlie Chopoff. In the next  post i'll be summarizing the stories of some of these horrible people as most of them are lengthy reads and majority of us don't like long articles (like me) as it tends to get boring at times, that's the main reason i started this blog so, here's the details of the Zodiac Killer.

Simply known as Zodiac because of the taunting letters he sent to the Bay Area press, the zodiac killer was a serial killer whose identity still remains unknown till today. He started killing in North California in 1960s to 1970s then continued picking his victims from Benicia, Vallejo, lake Berryessa and San Francisco around December 1968 and October 1969. His known murders were four men and three women which two victims survived, he claimed to have killed 37 people but only these seven were known to be related to him others were abducted or killed but they don't have any evidence linking them back to the Zodiac killer but was later proved to be the victims murderer in a letter he wrote because he provided evidence in it that wasn't disclosed to the public. The Zodiac sent several letters to the San Francisco Police Department, among these letters ( the letters had a sign at the bottom of the body which he uses as his logo and also to count his killings to the SFPD) were four cryptograms and only one of them was fully solved.

Zodiac killer symbols
The Zodiac killer logo
August 1, 1969 the zodiac killer sent three letters to the San Francisco chronicles, San Francisco Examiner and the Vallejo Time Herald. The letters were examined by a psychiatrist which noted that the Zodiac killer was isolated and brooding, in those letter were a one-third of a 408 symbol cryptogram which he claimed was his real identity and also took credit of two shootings, the killer also demanded they print the letters to the public or else he would go around the town killing in the night till he kills up a dozen people. In one of the letters he wrote:

"I like killing people because it is so much fun it is more fun than killing wild game in the forrest because man is the most dangeroue anamal of all to kill something gives me the most thrilling experence it is even better than getting your rocks off with a girl the best part of it is thae when I die I will be reborn in paradice and thei have killed will become my slaves I will not give you my name because you will try to sloi down or atop my collectiog of slaves for my afterlife ebeorietemethhpiti"

The meaning, if it had any, of those eighteen last letters is still unknown. Even mere looking at the errors in those letters its obvious he was sick. Few days after the letters were released to the public, the Vallejo Police Chief Jack E. Stiltz said the letter wasn't enough because it was written by a murderer and demanded a second letter with more facts to prove his identity and evidence that he actually killed most of those victims, the killer replied by writing another letter. In it was evidence of the murders which wasn't released to the public with a code that was later cracked and it said "they will have me" 

August 8, 1969 Donald and bettye Harden of Salinas, California cracked the 408-symbol cryptogram, it contained a message saying that the killer was collecting slaves for his afterlife (like i said Sick guy) and by giving out his identity it would slow down his slave collection. No name was found in the decoded letter.

April 2014 the SFPD marked the case Inactive due to caseload and resource demands automatically closing the case but later reopened it around march 2017. The case is still active in Napa county and city of Riverside. In may 2018, the vellajo Police tried to collect the Zodiac killer's DNA from the stamps he used for letter correspondence. It was a new advanced technique used by a private laboratory to separate DNA from the glue at the back of a stamp. Still awaiting results people but so far what do you think?
Mystery Hijacker
A composite drawing of D.B Cooper by the FBI

You know, in the United states today very few criminal cases go unsolved even if it takes months or years to be fully investigated there will eventually be a results but to those unsolved ones what do you think happen to them? Simple, the bureau suspends them or permanently shuts down all investigations or evidence concerning them. They turn to mysteries without reasons or solutions. In the aviation history of air piracy in the United States, only one is still unsolved till today: The hijacking of Boeing 727 by the mystery man D.b Cooper in Airspcace.

November 24, 1971 a man bought an airline ticket for flight 305 going to Seattle using the alias Dan Cooper but was later changed to D.B Cooper because of media miscommunication. He took the seat 18c, 18e or 15d not specified as to several accounts by the passengers, neatly and smartly dressed. Shortly after take-off he handed the flight attendant Florence schaffner a note which she ignored thinking it was just a note from a lonely man seeking attention, he leaned over to the attendant and said "Miss you'd better look at that note. I have a bomb". Florence the attendant still thought he was bluffing and asked him to show her the bomb, he opened the case a little enough for her to see the bomb after that, he made three demands: $200,000 in negotiable American currency, four parachute (two primary and two reserves) and a stand-by fuel truck in Seattle ready to refuel the plane upon arrival. Florence schaffner and the passenger recall D.b cooper been calm, polite and not nervous. Some said he was nice and not nasty or cruel he even paid his drinking tab and offered to give the attendant the change.

After arriving in Seattle for refuel, D.B Cooper was informed that his demands were ready he instructed the pilot to taxi the plane to an isolated area of the tarmac. There, the Northwest Orient's Seattle operation manager AI Lee approached the plane in street clothes so that D.B Copper won't mistake his airline uniform for a police uniform. He then gave the demanded items to another flight attendant Mucklow, through the aft stairs when the delivery was complete. D.b Cooper ordered all the passengers, schaffner and the senior flight attendant Alice to leave the plane. Before the take-off he outlined his flight plan to the crew with only five people aboard now. In flight, D.b Cooper told the remaining flight attendant Mucklow, to join the others in the cockpit as he ties something around his waist obviously the parachute after a while the crew noticed a change of air pressure indicating that the aft doors was open that was the time he jumped off in middle of a storm. Ballsy!!

Upon landing, the aft door was still open when pilots Scott and Rataczak landed the 727 at Reno Airport with law enforcing bureaus surrounding the plane it was obvious D.b cooper was long gone. In 1980, two packs of 100 twenty dollar bills and a third pack of 90 pieces was found by an eight years old boy Brian Ingram on a family trip with his family. It was later divided between the Ingram family (which they auctioned fifteen of them in 2008 for $37,000) and the Northwest Orient insurer while the FBI retained fourteen as evidence.

D.B cooper's Age
D.B Coopers with his presumed Age progression 

After few investigations, the bureau found out the suspect's alias D. Cooper was actually from a Belgian Comic books about a fictional hero Dan Cooper a royal Canadian Air force test pilot who had embarked  on so many adventures along the series even parachuting. Till today D.B Cooper's real name, his whereabouts, his background, even his actual real face apart from descriptions from the passengers is still unknown till this day. So people what do you make of this?
Large fish folklore
The loch Ness Monster photo taken by a surgeon in 1934 but later considered a Hoax 

Over time i've been posting about mystery locations with their unusual trademarks some of them I would really love to visit and some i wouldn't even dream of seeing talkless of visiting but altogether they are still unexplained mysteries of the world that deserves to be looked into, find plausible theories then a good reasons to them. I don't have the right equipments to investigate these events atleast not yet, soon though but for now I'll be summarizing them for you so now here's the summary story of the mysterious Loch Ness Monster a.k.a Nessie of Loch Ness, Scotland.

Nessie monster is a cryptids of scotland being regarded by scientists as a phenomenon without biological basis saying the sightings even with the evidences ware hoaxes, wishful thinkings or misidentification of ordinary objects. This creature was brought to world attention on May 2, 1933 by Alex Campbell a waterbailif for loch ness and also a journalist for a Courier. August 4, on the same year George Spicer published a report saying he and his wife saw something which looked like a dragon or pre-historic animal he had ever seen in his life trundling along the roads towards the loch ness with animal in its mouth which was assumed to its prey.

After few weeks the reports went viral, several days later letters started arriving to the courier some of them anonymous, claiming they saw this so called Sea Monster in water even sightings on land. As this news continued to spread across the media it adopted the names Sea serpent, dragon then finally settled with the Loch Ness Monster. December 6, that year Hugh Gray published a photography on Daily Express upon seeing the photo the state secretary of Scotland ordered the police not to harm the creature in any way if seen at all. The next year 1934 another evidence of this creature surfaced, a photo taken by a Surgeon.

Many of the evidences was regarded as a hoax or misidentification after further researches by scientists and media experts. Their theories were;

1. Optical effects:   In 1979 W. H. Lehn showed that atmospheric refraction could distort the shape and size of objects and animals and later published a photograph of a mirage of a rock on Lake Winnipeg which resembled a head and neck.

2. Misidentification of Known Animals

3. Swimming Elephant Trunk (made a little sense to me too)

4. Greenland Sharks: Assuming the loch ness monster to be its dorsal fins

5. Large Eels: As unusually large ones are often seen around loch ness

6. Folklore: In 1980 Swedish naturalist and author Bengt Sjögren wrote that present beliefs in lake monsters such as the Loch Ness Monster are associated with Kelpie legends

7. Hoaxes.

As i have listed some of the theories that made the Loch Ness monster unreal or not to have existed at all, the actual truth about this creature is still unclear cause these theories doesn't even have concrete explanations to them too. So here i am, clearly interested to what you think about this creature whether it was really a hoax, pre-historic animal, beast from another dimension or really one of theories from the researches.

Valikaya kopanya
Some of the Twins

Just as i have been writting articles on strange sightings lately around the world i also discover more of them, more fascinating ones which needs investigating and finding plausible reasons why they are like that. As the popular saying goes 'Once is a mistake, Twice is a coincidence, Third time then there's definitely a hidden pattern or trigger. So here, lets talk about how possible it is for a certain village to have more than 50 sets of twins.

In Western Ukraine, the village of velikaya kopanya has earned the name 'Land Of Twins' because of it unbelievably record of twins about 61 and climbing sets of twins in a general population of 4000 residents. While its now a common occurrence to them as almost every family in velikaya kopanya has a pair of twins, this phenomenon is still a mystery without reasons. One of the oldest twin Maria chorba, who already has three sets of twins among her own grandchildren alone said the twin occurence wasn't recent as she and her twin sister Anna, who died in 2007 remember having twin friends then. She even said that she and her sister shared a telepathic connection sometimes to the extent of knowing when bad things happen to each other.

Land of twins
Kopanya's Mapping 

According to the local town counselor, Maryana Savka the highest twin occurence  started in 2004 when atleast two or three sets of twins are born every other year. This event has already entered the Ukraine's Recordbook now gunning for Guinness book of records. The most fascinating part is that the twin effect is not limited to humans alone but also in animals as the records of Cows giving birth to twice calves are also high.

The locals claimed this twin magic was from the village's water but Ukrainian scientists has studied the water but didn't find anything special only that it was very clean. Outsiders from around the world come to this village for the water hoping to get the magic twin gene, there was a story of a barren woman who travels 100miles to drink the water after sometimes she got pregnant and delivered twins of course. Men come from other towns to marry to also gain the twin magic. This is not the only place with high occurence of twins, a village in Southwestern Nigeria called Igbo-Ora also has this unusual gene going around its residents.
The village of Dwarfs
Dwarfs of Yangsi

Its seems like we will be talking more about mystery sightings at unfamiliar locations all over the world like the one from my previous post on The Brazilian Vampire village which i still can't wrap my head around. The world is a very large place and i doubt that anyone has fully seen it all, in this one i'll be taking you into a village in Sichuan Province in southwest China.

In a remote village called Yangsi the village of dwarfs because of course a good majority of them are dwarfs, born and raised in Yangsi 40% of the village's population are dwarfs. This unusual events has left scientists with more questions than answers because 1 out of 20,000 new borns have stunted growth but this seems to be the reverse for the residents of Yangsi. Scientists has conducted series of test on the dwarfs and their natural resources but still failed to fully explain the actual reason of this much stunted growth in one area. At first there were a total of 119 dwarfs in yangsi but reduced of recent to 80.

This event was officially discovered in 1951 but the actual first sighting was in 1911 by an English scientist, Dr. Karyl Robin Evans who said he saw a few hundred dwarfs occupying an area. Many of the debunked theories were that there was a high concentration of Mercury in the soil, a lot of bad feng shui evil spirits for not burying their ancestors well which made a little sense since we are talking about the Chinese here with all their inner energy stuff, another one according to the Elders is that a mysterious illness came and struck every child between the age of 5 to 7 causing them stunted growth.

But my favorite theory also described as its original legend was that a long time ago, On a faithful day a man named Wang caught an unusual   black turtle with strange feet. Everyone told him to let it go but along with some other people he decided to cook and it anyways. The villagers believes it was the turtle was cursed them of stunted growth, the fair part is that the new recent generations seem to have escaped this curse. But however we might never get to know the real reason for such anomaly since most researchers has already concluded its was a random occurrence.
xeroderma pigmentosum skin disease
Location And An XP Patient 

We all live in a world where almost everything is possible now, most of us don't even get surprised or frightened  at most unusual things anymore because we see it often or everyday. But though we don't put much interest in them, there are still facts and questions about them that leaves us scratching our heads whenever we think about them like does this place actually exist? How does it survive such harsh life?

So here i will be telling you more about a Brazilian village called Araras (i call it the vampire village) why? Because they don't like Sun light, most of them though. Brazil known for its sun-loving, beach party people lifestyle the people of Araras can't survive the Ultraviolet rays of the Sun because their skin melts away whenever it comes in contact with sunlight.

Araras Map

The main reason of this skin degeneration is that at an incidence rate of 1 in 40 there are people who develop a skin disease known as Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) (as compared to 1 in 1 million in the US), Araras has 20 out of 800 residents who have XP, making it the largest population of XP sufferers in the world at a statistically improbable rate.

According to experts who looked into these unusual  bred of humans, the high increase of this disease was primarily caused by the first citizens or settling families who initially possessed this defective gene. Then intermarried and multiplied thereby spreading the disease too.

The sad part of this story is that Araras village is an Agricultural community with most of them surviving solely on agriculture, half and quarter of the population unable to perform any farming activities because of their skin blisters, boils, tumors due to sun light they have been low farming productions causing starvation. So, many of them have been forced to find other means of survival.
Winchester Mansion
 The Winchester Mansion 

As most of us mystery lovers always love to find intriguing mysteries and investigating them to find clues or solutions, at times even if we can't figure out their missing piece we try to make logical plausible explanations to them but most times some mystery events just don't have any plausible or even any theoretical facts to fit them with. Here's one of them,

Shortly after her husband's death in 1881, Sarah Lockwood Winchester lived alone in their eight-room farmhouse in San Jose. Which was perfectly normal. What wasn’t normal, however, is that the widow of the gun king William Wirt Winchester insisted on continuous construction that eventually saw the modest house converted to a massive mansion with 160 rooms. The strangest part about the building was the multiple doors and stairwells that led to nowhere but plain walls.

Being regarded as an occultist once, so many theories came up as to the reason why Sarah decided to continually destroy and rebuild most of the house. Here are plausible reasons to it,

1. Sarah Winchester wanted to relive the happy moments she had with her husband while their Connecticut home was still on construction.

2. She was feeling lonely and couldn't bear to be left alone any longer in the massive house so she made up the plan so the workers would continuously work and even get paid

3. Here's the most terrifying one of them, its said that Sarah met a Medium in order to contact her late husband then the medium told her that she had to pay penance for all the dead restless souls of the people the Winchester Rifle  killed. So she decided to do that by building enough rooms for all the souls.

Winchester house
Sarah Lockwood Winchester 

However, Sarah Winchester died of Heart failure in 1922 and the exact reasons why  she added those extra rooms and continuously built one house till her death is still Unknown till this day.
What do you make of this people?