S.S Ourang Medan
A presumed photo of The Ourang Medan

This is another very strange, mysterious event that still leaves every mystery fanboy scratching their heads, it reminds me of the 2002 movie The Ghost Ship. With the terror expressions all over their faces, makes you wonder "Did ghosts kill the crews of The Ourang Medan?"
The story of the ourang Medan turned into a legend as its whole crew death is still unexplainable till today even recorded as a shipwreck by most undocumented sources.

In June 1947, Cargo ships travelling trade routes in the strait of Malacca, off the coast of Malaysia, received a terrifying SOS message that read: “All officers including captain are dead lying in chart room and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.” After a short period of time, one final message was received, that read simply ... “I die.”
Nearby ships identified the source of the signal as coming from a Dutch freighter, the SS Ourang Medan.(translation: Man from Medan)

The nearest one to the freighter, the silver star travelled as fast as they could to the location which the signal came from. Boarding the Ourang medan, they noticed that crew were dead with their bodies all over the ship's deck. While inspecting their bodies, they noticed expressions of sheer terror were frozen on their faces. The Silver Star’s party found the deceased radio operator as well, his hand still on the Morse Code-sending key, and eyes wide open. The Silver star crew later found the radio operator with his hands still on the Morse code-sending key with the same terror expression on his face.

Strangest  thing though, while inspecting their bodies they found no entry wound or injuries where a weapon might have entered to cause any damage. While still baffled, The silver star crew decided to tow the ship back to the port but midway they noticed smokes coming from the lower deck, they barely escape before the Ourang Medan exploded and sank deep in water.

Now to burst your Mystery-fan-fun bubbles, . Their factual accuracy and even the ship's existence , however, are unconfirmed, and details of the vessel's construction and history, if any, remain unknown. Searches for any official registration or accident investigation recorded have proven unsuccessful. But according to one story, the Ourang Medan was sailing from an unnamed small Chinese port to Costa Rica, and deliberately avoided the authorities. The survivor, an unnamed German, died after telling his story to the missionary, who told the story to the author, Silvio Scherli of Trieste , Italy. The Dutch newspaper concludes with a disclaimer:

"This is the last part of our story about the mystery of the Ourang Medan. We must repeat that we don't have any other data on this 'mystery of the sea'. Nor can we answer the many unanswered questions in the story. It may seem obvious that this is a thrilling romance of the sea. On the other hand, the author, Silvio Scherli, assures us of the authenticity of the story."

But all the publications who carried the story still appears to originate with Silvio Scherzi in Trieste.

Reasons to the mystery? 
1. Hazardous Cargo
Another theory is that the ship was transporting nerve gas which the Japanese military had been storing in China during the war, and which was handed over to the U.S. military at the end of the war. No U.S. ship could transport it as it would leave a paper trail. It was therefore loaded onto a non-registered ship(which might also backup the reason why its existence wasn't known) for transport to the U.S. or an island in the Pacific.

2. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 
Gaddis puts forward the theory that an undetected smoldering fire or malfunction in the ship's boiler system might have been responsible for the shipwreck. Escaping carbon monoxide would have caused the deaths of all aboard, with the fire slowly getting out of control, leading to the vessel's ultimate destruction

3. Paranormal Activities 
The story has appeared in various magazines and books on Forteana, beginning with a 1953 article in Fate Magazine. Authors such as Jessup speculate that the crew might have been attacked by UFOs or paranormal forces prior to their deaths. Circumstantial evidence cited by these sources includes the apparent absence of a natural cause of death, the reportedly terrified expressions on the faces of the deceased, and rumors that some of the dead were "pointing" towards an unknown enemy.
Also note that this theories were gotten straight out of Wiki but i will really love to hear your theories. You can drop them in the comment section

This art by Hendrik Hondius was based on the original drawing by Pieter Bruegel, who supposedly witnessed a subsequent outbreak in 1564 in Flanders

As i said before this blog is a compilation and summary of mystery tales/events solved and unsolved. Now, as some the unsolved events may not have any explanations to them, they might have a plausible theory as to what might have caused them. As most of my previous posts has been about archaeological discoveries i am now going to start talking about mystery events and this one is a twisted tale as it sounds like something straight out of fiction but with a plausible explanation. 

It started on the summer period of July 1518 in the town Alsace, a woman Mrs Troffea began dancing wildly on the streets of Strasbourg. She danced for approximately six days and in a week 34 others joined her, within a month there were 400 more dancers in the streets of strasbourge mostly females. Physicians were called to try and find the problem but the dancing continued and worsened. Many dancers became ill, some died of exhaustion, cardiac arrest and strokes. Reports of the periods indicates that the plague killed at least fifteen people a day. Documentations, including physician notes, cathedral sermons, local and regional Archives, and even notes issued by the Strasbourg city council made it clear that the victims danced. As the dancing plague worsened, concerned nobles sought the advice of local physicians, who claimed that astrological and supernatural forces were behind the plagues instead announcing that the plague might be the results of some natural diseases caused by Hot blood but instead of prescribing a bloodletting, the town authorities were told to encourage the dancing so they did, by opening two guildhalls for the crazed dancers, a grain market even created a wooden stage and paid musicians to play music in order to keep the afflicted people moving all with the idea that they would recover if they continuously danced non-stop day and night 

A Marathon runner could not have lasted the intense workout that these men and women did hundreds of years ago stated by Historian, John Waller. 

Reasons to the mystery? 
Theoretically though, in a modern aspects this event might have been caused by Ergotamine which is the psychoactive product of Ergot fungi (a fungi which mostly grow on grains in the wheat family like Rye) and people of the medieval era consumes a lot of grains. 
Ergotamine is structurally related to the recreational drug Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25), and is the substance from which LSD-25 was originally synthesized. The same fungus has also been implicated in other major historical anomalies, including the Salem witch trials. John Waller speculates that the dancing was stress-induced psychosis on a massive level, since that region of Alsace was said to be riddled with starvation and disease, and most of the inhabitants were superstitious people. Some other cases of dancing plague were also reported in the same region during the medieval periods.