The Symbolic Egyptian Spider.

Egyptian spider art
The Spider Art Panel

I once said before in the Ben Sublett's article that archaeologists and treasure hunters have some thing in common which is uncovering mysteries. Whether for riches(treasure hunt) or for historical findings (archaeologist) but all the same, their every adventures are about finding reasons behind every targeted mysteries. So now let me take you into some archaeological aspects of the mystery.

Since ancient times spiders has been a symbol of power and have always elicited a wide range of emotions in people: fear, disgust, panic, and sometimes curiosity. This broad spectrum of impressions has influenced origin, myths, legends, art, literature, music, architecture, and technology throughout history. In 2013, Archaeologists in Egypt discovered a stone tablets engraved with what may be the earliest description of spiders known to man. The panel is likely around 6,000 years old, making it older than the Ancient Egyptian Civilization.
The suggestion that the drawings are spiders is tentative but reasonable. The carved ovals with four thin, bent legs sticking out of each side look very much like a stick spider picture. A star-like shape may be a web, and comb-like rows of lines could be a web funnel.

According to famous author and proponent of alternative archaeology, Dr. Heather Lynn, suggests that the carvings actually represents the Sirius star system. Most older star charts are known, and ancient people definitely like looking up the skies. There’s much more evidence about Egyptian astronomy than for an interest in spiders. They may also be a possibility that both are correct, or that some unfortunate souls from  the Ancient B.C went through their lives believing the sky was full of Spiders. Either way, we don't or may never even know what the actual artist who engraved those drawings on that panel actually meant, we might as well call it a pending mystery.


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