The Man With The Living Bee Hive On His Hands

Living Bee Curse
The cursed thief 
We are popular with the word Voodoo, mostly used when regarding to magic or an unexplainable events happening in the Continent of Africa. But most people don't actually believe that Voodoo exists, As an author of a mystery blog i obviously believe in mystical stuffs like magic, entities, God, gods, lucifer, parallel universe and stuffs like that.

That aside, am about to tell you in details about an event that specifically involves Voodoo practice. From Uganda, This one is about a man who stole a car parked in his street without knowing the owner practices Black Magic aka Voodoo, a few days later he was cursed by the owner to become a Living Bee Hive, imagine that. In the video(can't upload due to viewers description) from YouTube, his arm is almost covered in live crawling bee that won't go out no matter how hard he wave or swipe at them. In an interview, while covering his face with his other hand he confessed and asked for help because he was in too much pain.

Now, for those who don't believe in Voodoo or Black Magic, its actually real and does exist believe me, (i am a living example cause i live in Nigeria and experienced quite a few). I still have more Tales to Tell but that'll be for another. Like i said in theAbout Us page, this blog is for people who love mysteries but due to the long boring long stories they see online, they just decide to drop it but here i summarize it, find the mysterious solutions or reasons behind and give it to you in a plain few words. If you have any questions or comments about this tale, let me hear it at the comment section Till the next Tales. See ya!!


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