Carol And Helen Thomas Abducted In The Alleyway.

Alien abductions
Artistic impression of an alien abduction 

You know still speaking about aliens, as people still don't believe they exist, thinking that the people who say or claimed they were abducted by aliens were just seeing  mere hallucinations by abductees or the results of an undiagnosed illness but its almost impossible for more than one different person to experience the same hallucinations at the same time. They're some credible , almost authentic stories that might leave you with some questions in ya head.

Some of those stories is that of Carol and Helen Thomas, the Deverow family, John Mann and his wife, Gloria ( i'll talk about that in my next post) and very few others.
So, Birmingham, England In the early hours of March 30, 1988, Helen Thomas and her mother Carol set off for work at the nearby mill. They walked through the city housing estates and back alleyways as they always did.
That morning, both women suddenly noticed a low humming sound above them, before an intense, very bright light shone down, effectively blinding them. As the light vanished both women returned to their senses, feeling a little nauseous and dizzy. Helen’s leather jacket was soaking wet, but the ground and environment was dry. Feeling confused, the two women carried on their way to work. Once there, they were informed by the security guards that they were already several hours late.

Tony Dodd
Famous UFO researcher, Tony Dodd. 

Few days later, blisters and rashes would appear on their skin, sometimes a constant feeling of anxiety ran through both women. It would be several years before they made contact with leading UFO researcher, Tony Dodd, who agreed to conduct interviews with the women under hypnosis. Each would recall being taken into a large bright room, and laid on tables. An unusual net-like material was placed on their legs that seemed to weigh them down. Creatures with large heads and large dark eyes performed strange experiments on them, including the taking of eggs from their bodies through a thin tube inserted into their bellies. Everything was “wet to touch,” and even more bizarrely, one of the aliens took a particular liking to Helen’s jacket, rubbing the material across its face and through its hands, making her jacket soaking wet. 
Another thing though: most of these victims names has been changed, withheld to keep their identities covert. Most of this stories are not very well known by the public because the victims decided to keep it to themselves, knowing exactly how crazy they sound and what other people might think of them.


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