Benjamin Bathurst Disappearance.

Benjamin Bethurst
Benjamin Bathurst

Unsolved mysteries are the most intriguing one in all aspects of any mysterious events or things. They bring out your curiosity, attention, making the all parts of your comprenhensive ability to ask one particular question "What's the reasons behind this?". Although sometimes, whenever we finally uncover the reasons, it'll rather be a banal one even though most people wouldn't still believe it cause of how the mystery presented itself initially.

Now, down to today's tales this one is about a very successful man, very proficient in his work with limitless potential. A 19th century diplomat for the British people. Coming back home in the year 1809, from a diplomatic mission in Austria he was forced to take a dangerous path in order to avoid the French cause he had been convincing the Austrians to attack the Napoleon Army.
Armed to the teeth, including two pistols he always kept on his person, Bathurst decided to travel through Germany, under the assumed name of Koch.

November 25, Bathurst with his German aide, Herr Krause, stopped at the small town of Perleberg, resting a while before continuing their journey. When it was due time to leave the inn at which they had stopped, Bathurst walked out the door, with Krause allegedly following afterward, only few Seconds behind. However, when Krause got outside, Bathurst was gone, just few seconds after he left it seemed as if bathurst disappeared into the thin air. Krause the aide made it to England, weeks later, and told British officials of the Bathurst’s disappearances

Investigations was arranged, with Bathurst’s wife personally aiding the search herself spending a lot of money to have dogs scour the area surrounding Perleberg, but Bathurst was never found. Various articles of his clothing were discovered in the nearby area, but his body was still missing.

Reasons To The Mystery? 
Okay here, rumors then was that its either he was arrested by the French and was later killed in prison or that he was kidnapped by bandits and later became a victim of their brutal acts while travelling through Europe in the 19th century. Its still very much an Unsolved Mystery.
So here's my own big question, what really happened to Benjamin bethurst? If you have more opinions or know about this story, please i would really love to hear it in the comments section. Ja'ana!


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